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Christmas Wishes by Akhil C. Nair

Dear Fr. Davis,

Got Your Christmas Wishes. Its so Touching to know that I am still not Forgotten and Continue to be in your Prayers.The Year has been really good for me and all thanks to your blessings with my parents' prayers.  i shall say that all the love and affection that i have got my teachers and fellow mates are leading my path and keep me blessed in all possible ways. 

I was thinking of writing to you from very long but due to some constraints couldn't. 

I'd like to share some good news with you father. I was recently awarded in a big forum in GENPACT for 'Service Excellence and Workmanship', Where Global Operating Leader of GE Capital Mr. Greg White & Chief Operating Leader Mrs Lorna Snedon Awarded me for my Exemplary Performance and the efforts that i put in towards demonstration of the Company Values. ( I will soon send you some photos of the same).

Another Achievement has been that I have been promoted as the 'UNIVERSAL COACH' for GE CAPITAL ( Australia & New Zealand ). The fact that I am the Youngest ever to become a Universal Coach in Genpact makes me feel proud to be a product of the St. Aloysius Family . I am responsible for the training of the new hires and introducing them into the mainstream business & my heart fills with joy when i tell them about my college and the love i got from there.

All of what i am is because of the motivation i got form you, Dr. R. C. Ghai and my parents and all i learned from my brief stay in St. Aloysius College & SAIT and I am sure that i will continue to get all your love and affection and blessings always & wherever i am. 

Kindly pass on this message of Gratitude to Dr. R.C. Ghai as well because he is another person who has kept my hopes and trust high during my tough times. Words wont be enough to describe the AIM given to me by Both of you. Also do pass my Heartfelt wishes to everyone at SAIT  who were a part of shaping my life  SAIT. 

A word for my Junior Students, " Tough times do come in ones life, it is upto us how we take it.. whether the tough times make us or break us. All we need is a Pair of hands to shape us up and you guys being in St. Aloysius are in right hands. All we need is to work ourselves out, success wont come to you.. you have to find it and it is not easy. This world works on the principle that Fr. Davis always tells us... Survival of the Fittest and you really have to be the strongest to survive. My good Wishes" 

Please stay in touch Fr. Davis. And may God always bestow upon You all the riches of the world. Keep my family and me in your prayers always.

Hoping to hear from you soon, 

Thanks & Regards
Akhil C Nair

My Journey towards Becoming The BEST ALOYSIAN.

It gives me immense pleasure to pen down my experiences and above all to tell what the 4 years that I spent in St. Aloysius Institute of Technology has given me.

I came across a full 360° change in me once I became a part of the Aloysian family. The short stay at St. Aloysius College was learning for me where I came out of my comfort zone and took initiative to express my thoughts & ideas. I attentively attended & also presented one of the best assemblies in the Prerna hall. Fr. Davis always repeated a quote “They can because they think they can”, & I adopted it in my life. “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...Wait no... I know I can! And I will!” I made this statement my friend and that broke the ice. I was a student who was loved by all the teachers there. Although it was a brief stay but it was surely a learning for me.

After 3 months I took admission in SAIT. The first semester went well. The motivation I got from Fr. Davis made me work hard and stay focused, and it was my privilege that in the 4th month itself I, along with Ms. Ankita Shrivastava, won the first award for the college in the National Seminar on “Nanotechnology: A Futuristic Application in all Disciplines of Science” , where we presented a Poster on “Carbon Nanotubes”. I was awarded as the 2nd runner up. That was indeed a great honour for me and for my college as it was the first ever prize received by any student from SAIT.

The 2nd year of the college was not at all good for me and I faced a lot of hardships n downfall. The only people who supported me during this dark phase of my life were my parents, Fr. Davis & Dr. R.C.Ghai. Fr. Davis & Dr. Ghai motivated me to the fullest. They made me realize that I lack nothing and showed me the right path & my parents stood by my side so that I could not lose hope. With the shear motivation I was able to gather myself up and put in my entire mind, might n soul into my Academics. Although it took me some time but of course I started improving n soon I was back on track.

I still remember Dr. Ghai’s words, a famous quote by Winston Churchill which said “Success isn't measured in "leaps and bounds". It's the little steps you take each day.” & Fr. Davis saying “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act but a habit”. They were not mere quotations for me. They were crutches which supported me when I was crippled.

I never looked back after that. The 3rd year passed by smoothly. During this time I passed the NCC ‘C’ certificate examination with an ‘A’ grade. Only 5 Students from Engineering background got this Grading in the city and I was happy to be one of them.

The final year in the college was the most amazing year of my life. It was the time where I could be the actual me. Once in a Parent Teacher Meeting, Dr. Ghai happened to meet my parents & he told my mother that “Nair will be the first one to get a job from the college because I see the spark in him”. For my parents it was very difficult to believe these words at that point of time when I was not doing well, but he had that faith in me and by god’s grace just in the second month of my final year, I got a job offer from one of the reputed companies in India. I realised the depth of the support for me and the belief of my teachers in me. I had promised it to myself that come what may I won’t ever let down the people who have faith and hopes in me.

I then got a chance to take part in a national seminar titled “Advances in Electrical & Electronics Engineering” where I presented a paper on “High Voltage Generation using a Solid State Tesla Coil”. Amongst a total of about 100 papers (UG + PG), from all across the country, my paper & presentation was awarded the best. It was the proudest moment for me as I could take the name of St. Aloysius Institute of Technology to the pinnacle of a national level competition, as I had promised to Fr. Davis once long back.

For all these and other small achievements, I was awarded the Overall Best Outgoing Student from the first batch of SAIT.

I cherish each and every moment I spent in SAIT. It groomed me as a complete professional and above all a better human being. I can now proudly say “I am what I am, but what I am is what SAIT made me”.

I would like to say just a small thing to all my friends and juniors out there at SAIT. Never lose faith in yourself and never ever give up. There comes a time when you are put to test by your own destiny. The winners are the ones who can actually gather themselves and start running faster towards their goals.

And since I have moved out of the city and working in a Corporate Sector, I can actually relate to a phrase which we come across, “The World aims at the SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST”.

2009 BATCH

Testimonial by Akhil C. Nair – Student of 2009 Batch (EX Branch)

Dear Fr. Davis,

i am sending herewith a letter that describes what SAIT has given me. I am proud to be an aloysian and i am greately indebted to what SAIT has given me and the changes which being an aloysian has brought in me. i am working very hard here also and i am happy to tell you that i am the top scorer in the assessment and i have been straight away absorbed into an Australian Process which is the best process in this company. And this confidence and this art of expression has been given to me and nurtured in me by the activities and the assemblies that i conducted in SAC & SAIT. and the past two months have surely made me realize ont thing that u always have told us.. this world believes in th survival of the fittest.

waiting to hear from you soon. seeking your blessings and prayers for all the steps i take in my future.. keep me in your prayers.