खिस्त जयंती : आशा और करुणा का उत्सव

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डॉ फादर डेविस जॉर्ज
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What does Christmas mean for you?

What does Christmas mean for you?
Dr. Fr. Davis George
Pope Francis asked, “What does Christmas mean for you?”  He said, “For me Christmas is hope and tenderness...”  Christmas is celebration of hope and tenderness.  Hope, because we have a Saviour who has come not to condemn the world but to save the world. Hope, because Jesus is Emmanuel, God with us. “The word became flesh and dwelt among us.” (Jn 1:14)Hope, because he has told us that he will be with us to the end of days. Tenderness, because he emptied himself and became a tender child. Tenderness, because he showed compassion and love to the most neglected people; welcomed sinners, tax collectors and prostitutes into his kingdom.  He was sensitive to human needs; reached out, touched and healed the broken world. Christmas is God seeking man more than man seeking God. We read in the Bible God seeking Adam and Eve, even after disobeying him; God asked, “Where are you?” (Gen 3:9) Christmas has always been about this; contemplating the visit of God to his people. God has visited his people and redeemed.(Lk 1:60)
Who is the richest person you have ever known?  The Average Rich fly first class. The Medium Rich charter a jet. The Super Rich own the jet. The Incredibly Rich own the airline.  But Jesus Christ owns the skies. The Bible says, “He was rich.” It is speaking of what he had before he left heaven to come to earth. (Phil 2:1-11) The Bible says that all the glory of God radiates from him (Heb 1:3). It also says that all things hold together in him (Col 1:17). It also says that by him were all things created (Col 1:16). And before he was born, he was the Mighty God and the Father of Eternity (Is 9:6).
He became poor. Not, He was made poor. That’s what happens to us. We are made poor by circumstances. But he himself, of his own free will, became poor. That’s something we would never do. He voluntarily gave up the riches of heaven for the poverty of earth. He who was richer than any man has ever been; gave it up freely and became poorer than any man has ever been.
 At the first Christmas Word became flesh.  The phrase “became flesh” really means to wrap yourself in flesh. It has the idea of God wrapping himself in human flesh. That’s what happened at Bethlehem. It was God entering the human race in the form of a man.  That is what God did. He didn’t mail a letter or shout from heaven. He did the one thing we could understand. God himself came down and entered the human race. He became poor like us so that forever we would hear him saying, “I love you.”

We wouldn’t have done it that way. We’d schedule a press conference, call the TV stations, hire a press agent, have a parade, call in the dignitaries, sell tickets, make a big deal so all the world could see.   But God’s ways are different, more profound and awesome.  Immanuel—God with us.  Here is the purpose of Christmas. He came so that we who were poor might become rich.  C.S. Lewis said it this way: “The Son of God became a son of man in order that the sons of men might become the sons of God.”  Christmas began in the heart of God; it is complete only when it reaches the hearts of men.    Happy Christmas.

Christmas Greeting Card 2014

Christmas Headlines

Dear Friends,
Jesus came into this world to reach out, touch and heal the broken world.  His presence made a big difference in the history of the world.  He transformed the lives of all those who believed in him.  He wants to make a difference in your life too.  May Jesus be born in your heart during the season of Christmas.  May I share the headlines of 2014?
It was spiritually enriching for me as I preached Retreat for the Deacons of Oriens Theological College at Jesuit Novitiate, Shillong from 6th to 12th Feb. 2014.  I was happy to be a resource person in Annual Conference of National Commission for Minorities on 13th Jan. 2014 in Delhi.  Conducted Leadership Seminar for FMM Superiors at Jabalpur from 26th to 27th Apr. 2014; Symposium on ‘Family Apostolate’ at St. Albert’s College, Ranchi for the Staff , Students, Priests and Religious including Telesphore Cardinal Toppo on  21st Aug. 2014; Seminar on ‘Teachers are facilitators of learning and agents of Social Change’ organized by Government Model Science College, Jabalpur on 20th  Sept. 2014; Seminar on ‘Quality in Teaching and Learning Process’ for all the Principals and Provincials of JMJ Congregation at Raipur on 20th Oct. 2014; seminar for Principals and Managers of Catholic Schools at Vadodara, Gujarat from 27th to 29th  Oct. 2014.  It had been a great privilege this year again to be part of the NAAC Peer Team to visit Sri Sarada College for Women (Autonomous), Salem, Tamil Nadu from 17th to 19th   Feb. 2014, Firoz Gandhi Memorial Government College, Hisar, Haryana from 28th to 30th Aug. 2014, Govt. College, Suratgarh, Rajasthan from 11th to 13th Sept. 2014 and Mock Peer Team visit at RDVV, Jabalpur from 08th to 10th Dec. 2014.  I would like to place on record my deep sense of gratitude to Mr. Stanley Samuel, Founder & CEO – ECOSOFTT for erecting and commissioning Onsite Wastewater Treatment System, the first of its kind in India, at SAIT campus on 22nd Sept. 2014.
St. Aloysius Institute of Technology is in its 6th year now with EC, CE, ME, CSE, EX, MCA and Polytechnic Diploma in Mechanical and Civil Engineering.  I am pleased to inform you that from 2015 we are starting one more branch in Polytechnic Diploma in Electrical.  You are welcome to send students for B.E., MCA and Polytechnic Diploma.  Students who have completed 10th Class are eligible for admission in Polytechnic studies for 3 years after which they may go for direct employment or join in the 2nd year of the engineering course (Lateral Entry). Both for B.E. and Diploma Courses S.T. /S.C. and OBC students will get Government Scholarships from their respective State Governments. Also bank loan facilities are available.  I shall be grateful to you if you could encourage students to join SAIT with the State of the Art infrastructure and experienced teachers.  You may visit our websites: www.saitjbp.org and www.frdavis.in for further information.  
Please accept my sincere love and gratitude for what you have been to me in 2014; I solicit your blessings for 2015. May Jesus walk with you each day of 2015.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.   

Davis George