Unleash the Power of Love

Love, the perennial source of inexhaustible and invisible power,
Hatred, the deadly poison that can paralyse the very being and becoming,
Indifference, the cause of slow but steady decay and death,
Self pity, the bottomless pit one can fall into that drains out the vital energy,
Living in the past makes one feel drugged, dizzy and dwarfed,
Takes away the joy of living, celebrating and accomplishing.
Cast away imaginary fears about tomorrow, live in the Now.
No more a slave to the past, bandaging the imaginary hurt feelings,
Gone with the wind, negative feelings and depressive thoughts,
Imagine and feel the real power of love that is in you and around you.

If only you love what you imagine, feel what you dream
The intangible would become tangible,
The invisible, visible and the impossible, possible,
Pump in love into your life, your dreams, your work.
Pain and anxiety would evaporate,
Frozen mind, blocks and blockages will melt down,
Unquenchable zest for life will dawn.   
Unleash the power of love within you,
Feel the unlimited energy bubbling within you,
Experience the passion for life within you,
Fan into flame the fire within you,
Feel the excitement, amazement, wonder at every step,
Explore the never ending possibilities,
Experience the ever widening opportunities,
Discover the potential within you,
Imagine, visualise, simulate what you want in life,
There is nothing impossible for the one, who believes,
Everything is possible for the one who can feel it with love,
Your dream would certainly come true.