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Dr. Fr. Davis George

St. Aloysius Institute of Technology
Gauraiya Ghat, Near Gaur Bridge,
Mandla Road,
Jabalpur (M.P.)

Phone : (0761) 2601152, 2602152

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A.Natarajan said...

Respected Dr Rev Davis George:

I am an "old" student of St Aloysius College, Jabalpur and I have been yearning to visit my alma mater for the past several years. I was once in touch with you, via email, when you were the principal of the college. I see now that you are the founding director of SAIT and are guiding this new institute to future glory. I admire you for your arduous efforts to make this institute an excellent one in keeping with the institute motto!

My earlier endeavors to visit Jabalpur with an express wish to visit my alma mater were not fulfilled. During my present visit to India, I very much wish to visit St Aloysius College and also the new St Aloysius Institute of Technology.

Anytime my batchmates and I meet each other, we reminisce our good times as students of this great college. We fondly remember professors S.C.Mookerjee,Gaur, Bharathiya, Saxena, Coelho and others. We always respectfully remember Rev H. van Engelen, a fatherly figure who not only guided the school with outstanding administrative skills, but also guided the flock of students with his trade-mark ethics and morals lectures which we all so proudly remember!

May I have your phone number, sir, so I may contact you on phone to plan my trip to Jabalpur. I will be visiting the city after half a century!

I cannot wait to set my foot into the great campus of St Aloysius College!

Hope you will help me out so that I may visit the college when it is in session!

I am from the 1958-60 batch of Intermediate Science class.

With respectful regards,

Annaswamy Natarajan

Phone number while in India: 82 20 50 77 48